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Chaplet of Mercy

    Peace and Love from...

The Sanctuary of Merciful Jesus


 Are you devoted to Mercy?...    

with these words, my dear Friends, I would like to greet you warmly and assure you that Merciful Jesus enriches our lives continuously. He has more to give than he has already given...

To come closer to him we are to imitate him in his actions, that is why we gathered in DIVINE MERCY APOSTOLATE for LAITY. 


1. We say the Chaplet of Mercy

2. Offer our sufferings to God

3. Perform acts of Mercy towards others

4. Recite a daily prayer for members of this spiritual movement.

 We believe that to imitate Merciful Christ by actions is the quickest way to know the Merciful Lord himself.

Come and join us, if the Spirit moves you to...

trusting in Mercy your brother in faith

Father Paul



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